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Lodge Brothers Legal Services Lasting Power of Attorney West Byfleet

One thing that you can be guaranteed of when you engage with a Lodge Brothers Legal attorney is that you will receive the personal touch. Lodge Brothers Legal Services Lasting Power of Attorney Sunbury are affiliated with the Lodge Brothers Funeral Directors family of companies with a unique past. In operation for over 240 years, the Lodge Brothers managed to grow throughout the UK for 8 generations, making them the epitome of the family business. As part of the services offered to their client base which spans the breadth and length of the UK, Lodge Brothers looked to increasing their funeral director services, with that of legal Services specifically related to the needs of the families who came to them, to say goodbye to their loved ones.

When a family member or loved one dies, dealing with estate administration can be a daunting task and is often the last thing on a person’s mind. Lodge Brothers  offer an efficient, professional and above all personal service to make your life easier at such a distressing time.

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A Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”) is a legal document that lets you appoint another person, the attorney, to make financial and/or welfare decisions on your behalf, if in the future you become unable or unwilling to make your own decisions.

There are 2 types of Lasting Powers of Attorney:

Property and Financial Affairs

  1. gives your Attorney authority to deal with your property and finances
  2. can be used whether or not you lack mental capacity
  3. your Attorney will be able to manage your bank account, pay your bills, collect your pension and sell your home

Health and Welfare

  1. allows your Attorney to make welfare and health care decisions for you, including decisions about life sustaining treatment
  2. can only be used if you lack mental capacity to make your own decisions
  3. your Attorney can make decisions about your daily routine, medical care and care home

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