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Peaceful farm setting is the perfect weekend getaway

    Fancy a break in the countryside and not sure where to stay? We found this tranquil place that we soon called ‘home’ just after a few hours. We arrived after traveling through the beautiful countryside to this large country house set on a farm which we soon discovered Bed and Breakfast West Sussex (Fortunately we took […]

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location de vacances à londres

Tate Modern de Londres Pour ceux qui aiment l’art et l’utiliser comme une expression de leur vie , la Tate Modern de Londres est un site d’attraction pour vous aider à revivre l’art britannique de 1900 à nos jours . Tate Modern de Londres est une galerie d’art moderne, qui fait partie du groupe Tate […]

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Apartments Westfield upmarket and safe London accommodation

An architect called Norman Foster designed the 45 m City Hall that was built in 2002, that serves as the headquarters for the Greater London Authority (GLA). The Greater London Authority comprises the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.  The City Hall is situated in the south bank of River Thames- yet again another […]

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Holiday Lets London 5 star luxury accommodation

Tate Modern London For those who love art and use it as an expression of their lives, Tate Modern London is an attraction site to help you relive British art from 1900 to the present day. Tate Modern London is a modern art gallery that is a part of the Tate Group; which includes Tate […]

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